FOOD CONSULTANCY, alma concepts.

ALMA offers you an integral gastronomic and culinary consultancy for restaurants and all types of businesses that want to get closer to the new trends.

If you are thinking of opening a new restaurant business, and you are looking to improve the management or transform the gastronomic offer of the one you already have, we offer you our gastronomic consultancy services.

The consultancy will not only be limited to the gastronomic field, but we have a team of professionals who cover all areas of a restaurant business (Interior Design, Training, Communication, etc...) and design will creatively transfer the style of cuisine developed.


From setup -design, furniture, menus, and training- to sustainable operation.

Design and creation of cocktail menus, preparation methods, and ingredients. Creation of classic, contemporary, and conceptual cocktails.

Remote Food Service Operations,alma concepts.

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Modadishu, Somalia

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Alma Food Service

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International Campus

"ALMA was hired to operate restaurants and bars in two military camps where American Embassy is located, also home to European mission, who fight terrorism and help rebuild Somalia." Maria Font Trabocchi


Drive for hospitality and top of the line meals, Maria Font Trabocchi strives to create an environment with dishes for everyone, from her family, to heads of state; the importance of the meal lies in her passion for food, hospitality, and giving back to the community.


Maria Font Trabocchi
Maria Font TrabocchiHospitality Consultant
Luca Giovannini
Luca GiovanniniOperations Consultant
Naroa Kalina
Naroa KalinaEvent Consultant
Ricardo Farre
Ricardo FarreExecutive Chef
Marc Valldeperes
Marc ValldeperesExecutive Sous Chef


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